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Students Uncover The Art of Photography With Tyler Stableford
Updated 2012-06-08

Producing high quality images not only requires one to master the art of photography but also entails
dexterity in adapting to different environment that may bring obstacles for one in taking pictures.

In collaboration with Canon, The One Academy was privileged to invite Tyler Stableford as guest speaker for the recently held photography talk in hope of channeling inspiration to students and building network amongst fellow photographers. This US based photographer and cinematographer has earned a worldwide recognition for his work and won many awards from the industry.

One of the fundamental aspects in photography highlighted by Tyler is ability to appreciate the fact that photography is more than just a work of art but also an efficient form of storytelling method. He emphasized that photographers should construct a clear picture in mind of what and how they wish to convey message of the subject matter across to target audience before capturing any images.

Capturing the perfect moment on camera can be a daunting task for one to carry out impeccably each time. However, comparing your first photo shots with your most recent ones is a good way to give yourself constructive criticism as you will be more experienced in evaluating them objectively over time. “Beauty can be found in all things around us. Capability to see and compose beauty is what separates an ordinary snapshot from the rest”, Tyler commented.

Apart from this, Tyler also stresses the importance of evoking inner creativity particularly for students in the field of advertising and graphic design. The prime purpose of advertising is to arouse consumers’ desire to own any given product. Photography can be used to stimulate thus transform these desires into an act of purchase. Students must know how to illustrate, explain, excite and help create this desire through varied media formats i.e. magazines, newspapers, television, billboards and the Internet.

Editing photos can often be the most strenuous process but also the most satisfying part. Utilizing latest technology e.g. fisheye converter will not only create sense of drama but also able to attract attention of readers and fellow photographers.