The One Academy is constantly sought after an education partner by universities all over the world!


Q: Are the programmes you offer approved by MQA?

A: Yes. However, because new courses/subjects are offered from time to time we will inevitably have courses either pending MQA’s approval or in the process of being approved. For more information, you may refer to our Academic Affairs Department during office hours.


Q: Are your programmes offered part-time?

A: We do not offer part-time programmes at this moment. However, we organize professional short courses such as our Masterclasses for participants to boost their skills and advance their knowledge.

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Q: Can I get a degree from The One Academy?

A: Yes! We now offer a 3+0 UK Design Degree Programme in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire. Click here to find out more about our degree programmes.


Q: What majors are offered in the Degree Programme?

A: Currently we offer a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, a BA (Hons) in Interactive Media Design, and a BA (HONS) in Interior Architecture and Design. More majors may be offered in the future.


Q: What is the 3+0 UK Design Programme?

A: The 3+0 UK Design Degree Programme is a tie-up with one of our prominent UK partners: the University of Hertfordshire.


Q: Do I have to decide on my major during enrolment?

A: No. Our programmes do not require you to decide immediately because every student needs to go through our Art & Design Fundamental Studies before majoring.

For Art & Design Fundamental Studies (compulsory to enter any Diploma courses except Diploma in Interior Design), students will undergo 1 semester of classes while for Foundation in Communication Design (compulsory to undertake prior into entering any Degree programme), there are 3 semesters to complete.

You will choose your major during Year 1 Semester 1. This way, you are given ample time to determine which area interests you most and also where your strength lies. Moreover, majoring talks will be conducted during the exploration week to give a brief picture of different major and its specialty.


Q: Can I still change majors if I find I am not interested in the major?

A: Changes of major are not accepted after the first week of the first semester. Therefore, we strongly advise you to decide carefully before choosing your major. Our majoring talk conducted during your 1st semester of studies will help you in your choice of majors. If you decide to change mid-way, you will have to start the new major of your choice in the following semester commencement. You are not allowed to join the programme in the middle of the semester.

Changing of majors is subject to the availability of a place and is subject to the approval from the respective Academic Heads of Department.