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Q: Do I have to decide on my major during enrolment?

A: No. Our programmes do not require you to decide immediately because every student needs to go through our Art & Design Fundamental Studies before majoring.

For Art & Design Fundamental Studies (compulsory to enrol into any Diploma course except Diploma in Interior Design, Fashion Design & Pattern Making and Fine Arts), students will undergo into 1 semester of classes while for Foundation Programme (compulsory to undertake prior entering into any Degree programme), there are 3 semesters to complete.

You will choose your major during Year 1 Semester 1. This way, you are given ample time to determine which area interests you most and also where your strength lies. Moreover, majoring talks will be conducted during the exploration week to give a brief picture of the different majors and their specialties.


Q: Will my working experience/s be taken into consideration when I apply?

A: Consideration will only be given based on the highest formal qualification achieved and an outstanding portfolio which demonstrates a wide range of skills, obtained from any institution recognized by the Government.


Q: Can I transfer from another college to TOA?

A: Definitely.

We have many students who have transferred from other colleges in Malaysia and internationally.

If you wish to apply for transfer, you will need to fulfil our entry requirements (Malaysian students or International students) as well as provide the relevant documents for application purposes.


Q: Will all my credits obtained from another college / institution be accepted?

A: You are eligible to apply for credit transfer of similar courses taken with other institutions, approved by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Application for credit transfer must be submitted with supporting evidence.

Late applications made after the course commencement will not be accepted.

However the approval of these credits will be based on the sole discretion of the academy.


Q: What else do I need to provide to make my credit transfer application easier?

A: You should provide us full information of your prior studies in the application form as well as relevant transcripts, portfolio, course syllabus describing all your courses and other evidence of studies.


Q: What is withdrawal?

A: This is when you turn down our offer to enter the academy after a successful application. Your registration and tuition deposit fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable.


Q: What is deferment?

A: To defer your studies due to unforeseen circumstances, your tuition deposit will not be forfeited as long as you inform the Registrar prior to the intake commencement. The deferment is valid for 1 year.


Q: Can I still change majors if I find I am not intersted in the major?

A: Changes of major are not accepted after the first week of the first semester. Therefore, we strongly advise you to decide carefully before choosing your major. Our majoring talk conducted during your 1st semester of studies will help you in your choice of majors. If you decide to change mid-way, you will have to start the new major of your choice in the following semester commencement. You are not allowed to join the programme in the middle of the semester.

Changing of majors is subject to the availability of a place and is subject to the approval from the respective Academic Heads of Department.

Please be in mind that International Students are required to pay EMGS processing fee of RM 1000 and other charges such as Immigration Fees, Medical Insurance Premium Extension (if applicable), Medical Screening Fee (if applicable) and Special Pass (if applicable) for changing of major.


Q:Is there an application deadline?

A: We recommend that you prepare and submit your application well in advance of the application deadline so that you can get a reply in time for entry.

All international students need a Student Pass (visa) to study in Malaysia. Visas procedures can be subject to delays and you are expected to submit your application six weeks before the intake dates. If you don’t obtain visa approval letter in time to begin your studies, you may have to consider deferring the offer to the following intake, unless you’re transferring from another Malaysian institution. In that case, we can apply for a Special Pass, which will allow you an extension pending the approval of your Student Pass Application while you are still in Malaysia.


Q:I have missed the recommended application deadline. Can I still apply?

A: We recommend you submit your application as early as possible as and no later than the application deadline. Applications submitted after that date can be considered.

For enquiries about application deadline, contact your counselor or the Registration Office at toa.sra@toa.edu.my (Bandar Sunway Branch) or penang@toa.edu.my (Penang Branch)


Q:I am requested to submit a certified copy of my academic qualifications/certificates.
Where can I obtain this?

A: Please do not send original certificates and diplomas. You will need to submit the HARD certified copies issued with the original stamp. Certification can be obtained from the Registrar Office of the awarding institution or university. Documents can also be certified by Public Notary.


Q:What if I need a translation of my transcript and/or my certificate?

A: If your transcript or certificate is not in English you are required to provide a certified copy of the original transcript or certificate, authenticated by the university as well as a copy of the same translated into English and authenticated by a legal translator. We do not accept photocopies as final evidence. Please note that self-translated documents are not acceptable.


Q:My address has changed after submission of Application, who shall I contact?

A: Please notify sra@toa.edu.my (Bandar Sunway Branch) or penang.toa.edu.my (Penang Branch) with any change of address clearly indicating whether this is your current or home address. Please also remember to keep us updated with your email address.


Q:How long is an IELTS certificate valid for?

A: The validity period for IELTS is two (2) years from the date of award.


Q:I am a newly registered student, is there any refund of fees if I reject the offer or
withdrawal from the programme?

A: There is strictly no refund of all fees paid including registration fee if a student reject the offer or withdraws from the programme BEFORE or AFTER the commencement of the semester.(Except the refundable fees stated in the Programme Fee Structure)


Q:Is there any hostel accommodation available?

A: Hostel accommodation is available For Bandar Sunway. The hostel room is allocated upon submission of application on a first -come-first -served basis. Students can also find alternative accommodation in the residential areas around the College.