The One Academy Awards
The One Academy Awards
The One Academy  Awards
The One Academy  Awards
The One Academy  Awards
The One Academy  Awards
The One Academy  Awards
The One Academy  Awards

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Degree Programme

Explores the digital domain which includes multimedia platforms, mobile devices, augmented & virtual realities through subjects such as web-based content, social media systems and interactive installations; establishing a rich, hybrid area of study for the 21st century.

Aims to create designers that are skilled in graphic arts, able to incorporate their work in the digital and technological age, adapt to entrepreneurial and start-up cultures and bring their skills beyond the boundaries of conventional graphic design.

Focuses on the creative improvement of existing and new buildings and spaces through an understanding of how the objects and spaces that make up our everyday landscapes provide pleasure, give meaning to and enhance the quality of people’s lives.

Diploma Programme

Aims to nurture talents to keep up with digital trends and contribute to the rapidly evolving economy of today’s technology-driven world.

A discipline that utilises artistic, innovative and strategic thinking to create creative work aimed to build brands, market businesses, sell products or promote social welfare.

Cultivate ideas, creativity, artistry and technological mastery; a strong grasp of art, imagination and effective storytelling skills to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

Visual representation of an idea or storytelling which offers designers the opportunity to transform their thoughts, feelings and emotions into inspiring visuals.

Planning, designing and organizing the detail elements of an interior space while learning to identify, research and creatively provide quality and functional solutions.

Emphasizing on imagination, creativity and intelligence to create and recreate the fashion culture and lifestyle in the vastly dynamic fashion industry.

Nurture sophisticated talents rooted in the global art movement, centralising on concrete fine arts fundamentals to help transfer ideas and emotions into works of art.

The integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic, but would be impossible to capture on film in reality.

Digipen Malaysia

Fundamentally based on creating powerful experiences for people through the medium of games and knowing why. It helps you design compelling interactive systems — from sophisticated user interfaces to polished games and applications of real-world production environment to emerge as a skilled game designer or game design engineer and more.

More technology focused game design skills combined with a strong computer science core to let students delve into knowing how to create with programming, scripting languages, databases and more. Master the best of both worlds to become a proficient computer scientist, game system designer and beyond.

Prepares you to build and optimize the technology at the core of these systems — from graphical algorithms to level editors to physics engines. This course explores advanced computer science concepts, create cutting-edge 3D games and simulations working on AAA video games and commercial software as skilled programmers, test engineers or producers as a whole.


You will be witnessing the solid foundation laid by The One Academy’s teaching philosophy
and practical coaching approach, and experience a transformative education established by a panel of
international creative industry experts based on a high quality syllabus facilitated by
industry-standard amenities & environment; all roped in to elevate
The One Academy into one of the World’s Best!

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The One Academy International Diploma, Degree & Master’s Programmes:

• Film Visual Effects (VFX) • Digital Media Design • Digital Animation with Game Development • Fine Arts
• Illustration, Movie & Game Art • Interior Architecture & Design • Paris Fashion Design & Pattern Making
• Advertising & Graphic Design • Game Design • Computer Science
(Coming Soon)
• Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation (RTIS)
• Computer Science and Game Design

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