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Congratulations to Our Esteemed Graduates!
Updated 2019-07-22

A heartfelt congratulations to the recipients of the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Creative Youth Awards 2019. This prestigious recognition is given to alumni who have gone on to make a name for themselves in various industries across the globe. Armed with the education they recieved at The One Academy, they went out and took the creative world by storm! These extraordinary talents and you have a very important thing in common. They too were once students of The One Academy! Keep working hard and one day, you will be able to enjoy great success just like them.

Heng Thang Wei
Ryan Wong Kok Tak
Kuan Sook Chiung
Cammy Aw Wan Zhing
Jose Francisco Cua
Estee Goh Soo Theng
Tan Sueh Li
Bryan Lee Swee Cheong
Nicholas Quek
Tsuqi Hoh Yoke Mei