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The Cultural Mosaic of ESMOD’s Fashion
Updated 2015-07-30
ESMOD International marks another auspicious milestone in their 170-year old history with the ESMOD International Fashion Show 2015 held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday night. Over 400 guests were present to witness the fashion gala organised by ESMOD Kuala Lumpur, among them, VIPs from international ESMOD schools, celebrities and respected guests. A plethora of stylish garments provisioned by ESMOD students from 22 schools in 15 countries such as France, Beirut, Istanbul and Tokyo were paraded by 52 slender and alluring models.

This event was held as an annual tradition to bring together ESMOD fashion designers from every culture and walks of life in a mutual exchange of cultural inspiration. It also strengthens camaraderie between the ESMOD schools through reciprocated discussion in their contribution to the global fashion industry.

“As a multicultural country, Malaysia offers a very rich cultural experience especially from the Chinese, Indians, and Malays,” said Mr. Satoru Nino, President of ESMOD International Group, in an interview. “This could be a very useful muse to foreign fashion students.”

The event commenced with 24 Festival Drums performance as the opening ceremony. Performed by students of Chung Hua High School, Seremban, it exemplifies the beauty of Chinese performance art that is also recognised as a national cultural heritage by the Malaysian government. The roaring drums drew a large crowd surrounding the Main Concourse and conjured thunderous applause from the audience.

More than 180 fashion apparels graced the carpeted ESMOD runway during the ESMOD International Fashion Show 2015. Tunis, Jakarta, Guangzhou, Berlin and other ESMOD schools displayed their latest collections, portraying an array of different elements and techniques. Some of the menswear and female attires feature compelling elements such as animals (Jakarta, Guangzhou), insects (Osaka) and Goth (Jakarta). Other ESMOD designs incorporated a wide range of styles from Couture to streetwear.

Model sporting ESMOD Tokyo’s light-colored ensemble finished with a bright scarf.

ESMOD Dubai’s futuristic overall.

Colorful assortment of apparels during the fashion show’s curtain call.

One the highlights of the evening include the Modern Batik Fashion Competition 2015 where ESMOD students from 16 schools such as Bordeaux, Osaka, Rennes and Seoul compete for the best Batik-motif designs. As Malaysia’s national dress, this competition fosters a platform for upholding the country’s culture and promoting it in the global fashion scene.

The apparels were judged based on the fashion students’ ability to acculturate Malaysia’s Batik trademark into their own style of fashion, and at the same time modernising them for contemporary fashion. The judges Mr. Satoru Nino, Christine Walter-Bonini (Director of ESMOD International), Melinda Looi (award-winning Malaysian designer) and Khoon Hooi (Top 10 Malaysian Fashion Designer) also awarded points based on innovation and creativity.

Modern Batik Fashion Competition 2015

Among the 16 apparels flaunted, ESMOD Paris emerged as winner, besting all the other schools along with Kuala Lumpur with their ensemble that embodied hints of Batik tailored into green fabric. With the notable arch over the shoulders with metal and also chains courted around the mid-section, Paris stood out from the other ensembles that focus on practicality such as leisurely activities and social occasions.

ESMOD Paris’ensemble for the Modern Batik Fashion Competition 2015.

The organisers seized the opportunity to honor one of the Fashion Design & Pattern Making students as a recognition of being the most committed, conscientious and hardworking during the Golden Needle Award prize presentation. ESMOD KL’s student, 21-years old Scott Tian Yung Han, was holding back his tears as he received an authentic golden needle made into a necklace by Mr. Satoru Nino.

Scott Tian Yung Han (middle) accepted the Golden Needle Award from Mr. Satoru Nino (right) and Mr. Tatsun Hoi (left).

“I did not expect to win this award at all,” said Scott excitingly. This proved to be the ultimate motivation for him to become a successful fashion designer abroad. “If you want to do fashion, you need to be passionate about it. You have to be really hardworking and think about fashion night and day,” he advised.

Mr. Tatsun Hoi, founder and principal of ESMOD Kuala Lumpur, also founder and managing director of The One Academy, remarked that this fashion event is critical in fostering shared learning. “The different elements and styles embedded in each school’s apparel allow us to study and be inspired from cultures that are different from us, which is important for the growth of fashion designers and subsequently the fashion world,” said Mr. Tatsun Hoi.

Another synchronised performance of 24 Festival Drums ended the gala. Mr. Satoru Nino was impressed with the overall procession. “We (ESMOD) hope to see greater creativity, originality, and basically ‘what is new’ for next year’s collection”, he grinned.

As one of the leading fashion design institutions in the country, ESMOD Kuala Lumpur is committed to providing the best education programme and continues to nurture its students passionately through the intensive course of ESMOD Fashion Design & Pattern Making.

ESMOD Paris won the Modern Batik Fashion Competition 2015. From the left, the model in the winning design, Mr. Satoru Nino, Mr. Tatsun Hoi, Paul Marchand (Director and Educational Coordinator, ESMOD France) and Patrick Laffray (Director and Educational Coordinator, ESMOD France).

VIPs at the ESMOD International Fashion Show 2015 ended the night with a group photo.