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A Union of Technology & Art – Digital Portrait Exhibition
Updated 2015-07-16
Featuring artworks by BT Khoo and Sack Tin Lim, One Art Club of The One Academy of Communication Design’s Illustration Department is delighted to present ‘Digital Portrait Exhibition’.

Digital painting is an emerging art form of the digital era. Although digital, it is not completely generated by computers through mathematical models per se, but requires intricate painting techniques by an artist to create beautiful images. Though, instead of brushes and palettes, papers and canvases, a digital painter works their way around a computer, a digitizer tablet, stylus and software such as Photoshop or Corel Painter. Many contemporary artists have adapted by using these devices one way or another to create their works of art.

Digital Portrait Exhibition will be held at The One Gallery, a non-commercial gallery run by The One Academy of Communication Design, Malaysia. We constantly organize different themed exhibitions several times a year to foster a productive and creative environment for learning. Besides showcasing students’ masterpieces from various disciplines, The One Gallery also hosts a variety of events to provide students with wider exposure to the creative industry. Some of the highly acclaimed exhibitions organized in the past include “Art in Video Games Ubisoft Singapore Art Exhibition”, “Swiss Design in Hollywood World Tour & Exhibition”, “The Art Germ of Artgerm – Digital Art Exhibition of Stanley Lau” and “Benjamin (Zhang Bin) Comic Art Exhibition”.

This exhibition will showcase 40 masterpieces by two seasoned Malaysian digital artists BT Khoo and Sack Tin Lim. Evident from the title, the exhibition’s theme envelops digital portraits of people, mostly icons of the entertainment industry such as Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholson, Jimmy Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe and The Beatles. Nevertheless, the extra flair and input from the artists into the portraits will be visible, making them more delectable.

They have been known for their excellence in both their career and personal works, and have been part of many projects from commercial to film industries. So join us for this short duration to gaze and be inspired by the perfect marriage that is technology and art.

This Exhibition is open to public from 20th – 31st July. For further information, kindly contact Mr. Liew Sio Yean at 03-56375510 (ext 348).