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The One Academy Celebrates The Interior Design Festival 2015 to commemorate the industry in style
Updated 2015-07-15

Hundreds of Interior Design students from The One Academy in Bandar Sunway and Penang celebrated the annual Interior Design Festival recently. During this festival, students had a glimpse of the world of interior design through various activities organised by the School of Interior and Architecture Design.

The One Academy students registering for the sharing sessions during the Interior Design Festival.

Various speakers from the industry such as Joe Chan, founder and creative director of award-winning local interior design firm DESIGNTONE; and Dr. Azimin, an award-winning interior designer and PhD. Degree holder, were invited to speak to students about their experience in interior design at the Bandar Sunway campus.

Joe’s talk was about “Interior Design Through My Eyes” where he introduced briefly the history of interior design profession in Malaysia. He had also expressed his thoughts on design, its processes and questions regarding the subject matter. He also shared about the usual practice practised in his own company. Dr. Azimin, meanwhile, shared about an interior designer’s understanding of culture, its evolution, its development within the society and its challenges. For example, he explained how his designs on public toilets in Malaysia include considerations of vandalism, privacy, comfort, innovation, functionality, air circulation and more. In Penang, students joined in a workshop where they learn how to transfer their drawing and model-making skills into good design.

Besides the sharing sessions, students from both campuses also had the opportunity to participate in field trips to interior design specialised outlets such as Inovar Floor, Curtain Place, Redd Design Office, Hunter Douglas, Groupon Malaysia (for the Bandar Sunway campus), S.R. Marble Sdn. Bhd. and White Horse Ceramic World (for the Penang campus). From these field trips, students get a more hands-on experience about selection of materials, how it influences the design overall and the aspects that need to be considered when designing a space.

Throughout the Interior Design Festival, the School of Interior and Architecture Design ran a charity donation campaign for the St. Mary Nursing Homes to give back to the society. Located at Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya, the independent nursing care homes have catered to many senior citizens, offering each resident a fulfilling, active and secure lifestyle. The festival ended with the Interior Design students from the Bandar Sunway campus visiting the homes to give some warmth to senior citizens there.

The Interior Design Festival was an eye-opening and fun experience for all of The One Academy students. Through an interesting engaging session with industry experts which is in line with the creative institution’s ‘Masters Train Masters’ philosophy where industry experts are brought in to teach students the relevant subjects, students have a clearer picture what their career would be like in future.

Dr. Eric Leong, The One Academy Head of Interior Architecture & Design School, poses with students.