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Celebrating 29 Years of Educating Young Minds
Updated 2018-08-16

The One Academy congratulates the recipient of the Malaysia Art Educator lifetime Achievement Award, Mr. Koh Ping Yap. He has 29 years’ experience teaching art education, and is currently an Art Advisor at Kluang Chong Hwa High School. Some of the awards he received are the Excellence Award in the 2nd Newcomer Chinese Ink Painting Award in 1982, the Johor Art Exhibition Chinese Ink Painting Merit Award, the Johor Watercolour Art Competition Merit Award and an award in the National Calligraphy Competition in 2006. The Art Educator Lifetime Achievement Award conferred to him by The One Academy is a symbol of gratitude for his dedication and his passion for teaching.

*In the picture is Mr. Koh Ping Yap’s representative, Mr. Lee.