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World’s Top 8 Executive Creative Director Inspired The One Academy Students
Updated 2015-06-05
“Digital Media is not just about technology and media. It’s also about ecology. It is nothing more unless it is used for the good of the world,” said Thomas Kim recently in The One Academy’s Masterclass inspired by institution’s philosophy of ‘Masters Train Masters’. He only just formed his own company – Playground and published his book ‘Digital Playground’, a true treasure for those in the advertising line, after leaving his previous company of 20 years Cheil Worldwide.

Ranked No. 8 of Top 10 Executive Creative Director in the world in the latest Directory Big Won Rankings early this year and being the only Asian executive creative director to make the Top 10, the humble South Korean is a strongly believer in practicing an eco-system driven communication.

To demonstrate its definition, he taught The One Academy Advertising & Graphic Design and Multimedia students the 10 building blocks of Digital Marketing, concepts in which guide students to think out of the box.

Through various videos from Cheil Worldwide’s projects or other campaigns he truly loved, he opened the minds of his attendees with ideas and possibilities of what constitutes a viral video. The key of a viral video, as he shared, lies in whether a video has fun elements or value-sharing elements, giving examples like videos such as the musical stairs by Belden and the NFC Adopt Me poster project.

As the way consumers interact with a brand is now different, traditional media is not as effective a messenger compared to the digital media. In fact, consumers nowadays must be able to experience the brand, meet the brand or share the brand face to face. A brand must be a storyteller that share meaningful experiences with consumers.

While companies are focused on profits and gaining more market share to have an advantage over competitors, Thomas Kim stressed digital marketers should focus on enhancing life share and not market share, meaning that it is important to use the digital platform to raise public awareness and make a point.

The One Academy’s students and lecturers listening meticulously during Thomas Kim’s Masterclass.

Thomas Kim presenting case studies on successful advertising campaigns to enhance students’ creativity.

Joyful and satisfied participants of the Masterclass in a group photo with Thomas Kim and The One Academy’s staff.

After a half-day Masterclass Seminar, Thomas conducted a full day interactive Master Workshop the next day. During this session, Thomas Kim shared 4 principles in guiding consumer’s journey by enhancing life share. By giving unique definition to a problem, students are encouraged to dive deep into life to get a real insight then find practical solutions from life and then share values by powerfully engaging people through digital media.

Thomas ended the workshop by reminding The One Academy students to open their vision more widely as that is how they gain valuable, sharable, interesting and fun insights.

“To be more creative, you need to see more, experience more, read more and observe more. There is no short cut to being great. You must have great insight, knowledge, information and experience. Nourish your mind and experience it,” said Thomas.

Thomas Kim providing students with useful words of wisdom during the Workshop on Day 2.

Students laying their best ideas on the table to impress Thomas Kim during the Workshop at The One Academy.