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Historical Offer Film Visual Effects Diploma Programme by Oscar-Winning Team
Updated 2017-10-13

The One Academy, which has provided over 25 years of creative education excellence through the ‘Masters Train Masters’ practical industry-driven philosophy, has achieved yet another historical milestone as it is offering its most exciting course yet – Diploma in Film Visual Effects. Visual effects is an extremely crucial element in today’s local and Asia filmmaking industry. It goes without saying also, especially in the international arena, that a film cannot be produced without visual effects. The One Academy has been collaborating with Oscar Winning production company Tau Films from Los Angeles (previously known as Rhythm & Hues) whose works include Life of Pi, The Golden Compass, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Night at the Museum. Together, all parties will be kickstarting the Diploma in Flim Visual Effects, featuring a full spectrum of intensive hands on programme designed by them. For more information, meet our professional counsellors today.

John Hughes
Life of Pi Visual Effects Director
7-Time Oscar Winner for Best VFX & Sci-Tech