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When Light Passes Through
Updated 2017-06-30

The One Academy’s fine artists Hazel E Pei Ni, Tuna Chiew Xing Huei, Delaram Shafaei, Zearo WK and Rex Lee Qi present their latest collections in ‘Refraction’. Inspired by this metaphoric description of the artists themselves, ‘Refraction’, a term describing something abstract such as light deflected when passing through the interface between mediums of varying densities, is translated in more than 20 masterpieces. The artists’ works were influenced by their environment, interests and personality. Visit the art gallery to have a look at them up close. ADMISSION IS FREE. For enquiries, email rexlle30@gmail.com.

Date : 1 - 8 Jul 2017
Time : 11am - 7pm (Tues - Sat)
Venue : The Zhongshan Buildling, KL
Forum : 5 July @ 3pm
Opening Reception: 5 July @ 7pm