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Financial Aids

We believe that everyone should have a chance to receive a professional education. That’s the reason we provide administrative aid for financial assistance with tuition fees. We help our students liaise with governmental organizations such as the National Higher Learning Education Fund (PTPTN) & (KOJADI).

Our most famous scholarship is probably the Malaysia Top 10 Outstanding Young Artist Awards, previously known as the Creative Art Awards, where we give scholarships to the best performers in the competition. Those selected are able to develop themselves further as young creative professionals.

Creative Art Awards

Education Loans




We help our students liaise with external agencies to secure study loans. There is an option for everyone, and we recommend researching what is available before speaking to our student officers. Whatever your choice is, we will be glad to help.

This service is currently only available to local students in Malaysia.

Other Loans

You may either seek financial assistance from your own banks or call one of the largest global banks for financial assistance:

• Call OCBC Bank Officer at 011-26348726 (for TOA Sunway) or 010-370 5815 (for TOA Penang)

You may also talk to our student officers or send queries to for us to assist you.