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Enjoy exclusive membership privileges such as points collection and redemption programmes, Special discounts or value buys that are extended to members only and a quarterly newsletter with helpful and useful advice on parenting and baby care.

All these privileges have attracted over 100,000 members in the Anakku Club across the country. Join us Today!


Anakku Outlet How do I join?

The membership application form is available at all our Anakku Boutiques. Fill in your details and submit to the boutique supervisor.

The joining fee is RM 10.00 for a duration of 2 years and the entire amount on the receipt does not qualify for point accumulation. Renewal of membership is not automatic.

A fee of RM 10.00 is chargeable for renewal of membership and any replacement of lost or damaged cards, for a duration of 2 years.

Redemption Points Redemption Points

Earn one Anakku Boutique Reward Point for every RM1 charged to your retail purchase at Anakku boutiques. To qualify for the first Connection Reward gift item, you need a minimum purchase of RM 200.00 worth of Anakku products in the last 6 months.

Please be informed for year 2007, our redemption period has changed to april and November 07. Points accumulated from October 06 - February 07 can be redeemed in April 07 and points accumulated from March 07 - September 07 can be redeemed in November 07.

Unclaimed Connection reward points earned can be carried forward to the next redemption period. However, further unclaimed points will be forfeited. The list of gift items will be displayed at our Anakku boutiques. Please check your points at the Anakku boutique that you registered with and pick up your corresponding gift.

Please click here to view the Redemption Catalogue.